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ThinkTechNews 1 Septiembre 2011

Massage device recalled after strangling user

A week after the FDA issued a warning on the Shoulderflex therapeutic massager because it killed one person and injured a few more, device maker voluntarily recalls device. Read this blog post by Eliz…

NASA’s Space Shuttle Program Officially Ends After Final Celebration | NASA Space Shuttle Program Retirement | Shuttle Program & U.S. Human Spaceflight |

NASA officially ended its 30-year space shuttle program on Aug. 31. The space agency held ceremonies at its various centers around the country where the space shuttle program was carried out before it…


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 official: dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, Android 3.2, HSPA+


New map shows where tastes are coded in the brain

Each taste, from sweet to salty, is sensed by a unique set of neurons in the brains of mice, new research reveals. The findings demonstrate that neurons that respond to specific tastes are arranged di…